Operational Programme Smart Growth 2014 – 2020
Pro-innovative services for enterprises
Pro-innovative services of BEI for SME

“Advisory support for product innovation deployment at Polskie Polisy Sp. z o.o.”

Project objective: project main objective is to boost Polskie Polisy Sp. z o.o. market potential by pro-innovative advisory services that promote processes of development and deployment of significantly improved / upgraded product (service).

As an effect of application of advisory services, Applicant will gain tangible support in deployment of innovative technology. BEI (Business Environment Institution) is going to provide services required to prepare an enterprise for deployment and advisory support at the deployment phase in the form of substantive aid and transfer of knowledge.

Grant application no.: POIR.02.03.01-22-0010/18
Total project value: 732 341.00 PLN
EU grants: 576 700.00 PLN